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Upcoming Meetings: KBA meets the 2nd Thursday of each month except for July

In order to better serve the needs of our members, beginning January 2014 KBA will have the following schedule:

  • 6:45 - 7:10 AM - Networking and continental breakfast
  • 7:10 - 8:00 AM - Message
  • 8:00 AM - Additional networking opportunity for all who wish to participate
    Location: Faith Bible Chapel Atrium
  • (West side of Ward Road at 62nd Ave; Arvada, CO)
Map and Directions

“I believe that one of the next great moves of God is going to be through believers in the workplace.”         

- Dr. Billy Graham

Our Kingdom Mission finds its beginnings in the truth that the Lord has allowed business people to influence, to control and to direct His earthly resources (Genesis 1:28). They are to be shepherds, managers, and good stewards of all the works of God's hands. The Lord has granted each of us unique gifts, excellent talents, and financial resources that are to be used in building His Kingdom and bringing Him glory.

Our Business Mission is to

  • Nurture those who work in, who own, who operate businesses, and those who have committed to work according to Kingdom Core Beliefs, Values, and Principles in their jobs
  • Demonstrate that commitment in our actions on the spiritual battlefields of Today's Marketplace
  • Demonstrate the pursuit of excellence and the establishment of "solid gold" reputations
  • Be known for being reliable, being trustworthy, and reaping the rewards of these characteristics
  • Witness that those who successfully implement Kingdom business principles will experience the transformational power of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit in both their personal and professional lives